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California Lemon Law

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Sometimes new or newer cars or RVs spend more time at the repair shop than they spend with the owner. Has that happened to you? If so, you might own Lemon.

Has your vehicle been turned in to the manufacturer or its authorized dealer for a reasonable number of repair attempts? Has it been 18 months or less since you bought the vehicle? California’s Lemon Law covers new and newer vehicles and RVs if they have serious defects/malfunctions. You have to meet the right criteria for this to apply to you, and be sure that you don’t delay.

Here are some problems the Lemon Law can address: airbags; steering and alignment; transmission – sudden lack of acceleration, slipping, over-revving, grinding, and clunking Stalling or shutting off; headlights; brakes; electrical problems with the radio, locks, windows, or air conditioning; cosmetic defects; and leaks.

The Karcher law firm is rapidly becoming the Go-To Office for Lemon law claims in the Central Valley. We know the “gotcha” game that dealers and manufacturers play against their customers, and we know the rules when it comes to making claims under Lemon Law.

We are 100% on your side and are thoroughly dedicated to the task of getting justice for you.

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